I have setup A record

I have a domain that for now I only want to redirect. So I create a host record for it with and create a page rule to redirect.

I have done this with a few other websites and they work fine. However, I don’t see a redirection, it timesout.

Upon investigation, when I check DNS propagation I see the IP address as and not Cloudflare’s datacentre address that I see with other domains. Domain in question dinebne.com.au

I have setup A record to and all I want to do is a redirect, however, In DNS propagation I see the IP Address as and not Cloudflare datacentre address, that I see with other websites and the redirect is not working

Make sure the DNS record is :orange: Proxied on the dashboard.


Update: It has started working. It was proxied all the time, so that was not the problem. What I did: I changed the address a couple of times to 2.2, 2.3 etc not sure if it had an effect, but after 3 - 4 times of changing the address, it started working.

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