I have rules in place to block certain countries

I have rules in place to block certain countries and it doesn’t look like it is doing that very well. I have a godaddy website. Why is it not blocking?

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yes, I did not see exactly what I was looking for

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Cloudflare is not blocking all of the countries that I created blocking rules

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Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?

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Can you try uploading your screenshot again? Also, I would check to make sure the requests are coming from Cloudflare as if people know the origin IP they are able bypass Cloudflare.

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They probably do know my origin IP. I am being targeted. What can I do?

How can I make sure that the requests are coming from Cloudflare?

Have your hosting provider set up your origin server to only accept requests from Cloudflare IPs.

Unfortunately, it can’t be done. They are not able to put it on. Is there another way to make sure that cloudflare is actually stopping the addresses from other countries from accessing my site?

No, not when the traffic is bypassing cf and going directly to the origin server.

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