I have renewed my SSL but it still shows the old one

Hi. My certificate from RapidSSL expired on 28th October, 2022. Now I have installed an origin certificate on my IIS web server. But it is still showing the old RapidSSL one. What could be the problem?

My domain is


You need to make sure your DNS entries are set to :orange: and that your encryption mode is Full Strict.

After doing that I get another error from Cloudflare saying the SSL is invalid. Currently the site is at least working, but then it stops working. So I cannot keep that mode open for long.

Is there any other solution? If this is some kind of caching wouldn’t a waiting period of some time would recache it ?? or it will stay until not proxied?

Again, make sure it is proxied and your encryption mode is Full Strict. Once you configured that, post again.

Sounds like the cert is not properly deployed on the IIS server. Have you tried deleting the expired cert? Beyond that :person_shrugging: probably a bit beyond the scope for this forum, but Microsoft has a community that may be able to assist.

The certificate is configured all right, it’s simply not proxied.

Thank you so much for timely replies. I just proxies all the 4 records which pointed to the AWS server. Then this error resulted.

I haven’t deleted the expired certificate from IIS. Should I? With this error, the lock sign was displayed and it showed the Cloudflare certificate saying it is secure. But there was no way I could open the site

Was your domain active with another provider who is using Cloudflare as well?

How to check that? My domain comes from crazydomains.com.au

There is just domain entry, which points to Cloudflare naming servers. Even they said I should contact Cloudflare their ssl won’t work on the domain.

Hang on, have you made any changes? I do not get the Origin certificate any more but now an expired one. That certainly explains that error. You need to configure the Cloudflare certificate again.

yes I did changes. Had to revert because site was not accessible.

Well, you had a working configuration before.

  1. Configure the Cloudflare certificate
  2. Make sure you are on Full Strict
  3. Proxy
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Ok let me open it for some time. Then please check and let me know. Just proxied.

Can you now visit

www.partistaff.com.au and tell me what’s stopping the website

It’s loading fine now


But not on browser.

Will be a propagation issue. Wait a couple of hours.

ok. Will wait

It’s been an hour. The site is opening at safari. Not at chrome. Some users say even opening on chrome. with secure padlock. So it is propagation issue then, right?