I have redirect problems the cache

I have redirect problems with caché. Thousands of visitors arrive from another country suddenly. I have recently placed the google tag. I guess it has nothing to do with it. But I comment on it just in case. The page opens well and the menus also but I have problems with the opening of the post. Nothing like it had ever happened.

Would someone tell me something

Thank yu

That’s very little information.

With specific URLs, can you tell us what is supposed to redirect to what? And the URL of the post that doesn’t open?

Hello sdayman thank you very much!

In the end the redirection because the immncompatibility of two SEO plugins

Yoast seo does not allow you to include two google codes (only 1) and I then looked for a plugin that would allow both.

It turns out that the developers of the template do not allow to include code, so it gives an error

Thank you very much for answering anyway. I appreciate it a lot

I tell my experience, in case it serves someone

a greeting

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