I have questions about the Minecraft / Spectrum addon and how it works

I currently use Cloudflare as a proxy to a webserver hosted on my local network. For my internal firewall I’m using a Unifi UDM-Pro.

However, I am also hosting a few Minecraft servers. I have CNAME entries for each of them, and I have SRV entries for each of them so that people can login with sub.domain.com instead of ip:port.

This works well, however it is DNS only as it is my understanding that Cloudflare doesn’t/won’t proxy traffic for SRV entries?

My questions are:

Do I understand this correctly? I have to have SRV entries as DNS only for them to work?

In which case, I’m not protected in any way on these URLs and my IP is exposed?

I recently found this: Cloudflare Spectrum accelerates and protects your Minecraft server

Will this solve my issue? I have around 150GB/mo. in http/https traffic for my minecraft domain, but only a few gigs in actual minecraft traffic. It would seem this falls within the pricing structure.

My hope is that this will allow me to use the SRV entry to allow users to connect to the minecraft servers by URL still, but would instead proxy my IP as well as provide DDoS protection.

Anyone with any direct experience able to shed light on these questions?

Thank you.

There’s no choice on SRV records. They’re always DNS Only. They’re just a pointer to a hostname that may or may not be set to :orange: Proxied. So your Minecraft subdomain would have to be proxied on that Spectrum add-on.

Oops, just ignore everything I said. :flushed:

I appreciate the input.

Would still reallly like to hear from someone who has used Spectrum w/ minecraft.