I have question about cloudflare account

Helo everyone, I have a question, that If I want to sell my branded site or I want to transfer my Domain owner ship to someone then should I also give my cloudflare account to him or not, if Not then if any issue come in Future like DNS issue then how he can solve that issue if I will not give my cloudFlare account.

Does your site use CLoudflare DNS If your answer is yes! then IMO you must have to give cloudflare Account because may be he want to steup CNAME, ZOHO EMAIL SETUP or anything so You have to.

If you have a number of domains in your account, it may be difficult to pass ownership of just one to another entity. You could have them set up their own account and share your set up details with them for them to re-create. At that point, when you transfer ownership they’d just change the name servers to the ones in their account.