I have purchased Business Plan, how do I access the chat support?

I have purchased Business Plan, how do I access the chat support ?

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Good question. I’m not seeing the little Help/Chat bubble in the lower right corner of my Dashboard. Am I the only one not seeing this @MVP?


Can confirm, I’m also not seeing it.

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Sorry that you’re having this issue @fgonza and thanks for checking @sdayman @domjh. Looks like there was a blip in our 3rd party API availability and that might caused this issue.

Could you please try again (logout/relogin, hard refresh) and see if you’re able to see the blue Help pop-up button at the most right bottom section?

Thank you.


I logged out (in Firefox), then opened up a Private window and still can’t get the Chat bubble.

Ah…wait. It just showed up. Well, Help did. Still no chat bubble in my Biz and Ent account(s). Wait…gone again.

UPDATE: Help is back. Still no Chat. Ok, Chat is back.


No chat here either.

In my account I have 3 sites and one have business plan but the help bubble doesn’t appear, does it has to do something with the browser? I’m using chrome. By the way the account I’m using is different from this one but I don’t have access to the mail to see responses.

Everybody should get the Help bubble at dash.cloudflare.com. Even Free plans. It’s not until you search for something do results pop up and give you a Live Chat option for Biz/Ent users.


In my case, I only got the chat bubble as soon as I owned 1 zone with the business package. I can confirm that I don’t see the bubble on an account with only zones with the Pro plan.

@X4v13r When I got access to the live chat for the first time, I had to log out and log in back on to the account. The bubble sometimes is shy and takes some minutes to load.

Maybe it’s related to availability, and if the agents are too overwhelmed, it won’t load? We would need somebody from CF to confirm that for us.

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I’m not really sure that login out and in again will necessarily work as I have already done that by mistake (lol) and it still hasn’t appeared. I’ve also done a hard refresh and still nothing.
And I can’t make a phone call because that is for bigger accounts than mine :frowning:
Is there any other way to get the chat working?

You still have good old fashioned email (support AT cloudflare DOT com) and support tickets via the dashboard.

Well I think I’ll have to send an email because the support tickets it’s also hidden or I still haven’t found how to create one. The only good option I’ve found is this one.
Thanks @sdayman for your comments

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Tickets are right there. No, lower…lower…all the way at the bottom. There. :wink:

it finally worked, the help button appear and now I get the chat to work, thanks everybody for the help, I also found the ticket, thanks


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