I have problems using any service that is routed through Cloudflare

For some time now, I have had problems using various different services that are routed through Cloudflare. When opening a page that’s using Cloudflare, it first loads a page saying “Checking if the site connection is secure”, and then it redirects me to the page. That is fine, I just have to wait a few seconds to reach most websites.

However, when an app uses a service that fetches a JSON file or a simple API call, the app fails, because that service call returns this temporary html page instead of the expected data.

I can’t use Plex on my TV, some game launchers, and some browser extensions, which all fail because of this temporary page that checks my connection. I can’t even log into Cloudflare’s own dashboard because of this. In this case, it tries to fetch a file called beacon.min.js, which instead of the js file, it returns an html page saying “Checking if the site connection is secure”.

It works fine if I switch to my mobile hotspot, so I’m guessing that my IP address is probably on some blacklist. I have run it through some online IP blacklist checks, but it comes up fine.

Does anyone know how I can go about solving this?

It is possible your IP address has gotten a bad reputation due to malicious activity. Could you check if your IP address is listed on Project Honeypot?

Do you have a dedicated IP address or are you behind CGNAT? If the IP address is shared, there’s not much you can do besides asking your ISP to assign you a different one.

In any case, these “IP reputation bans” are temporary and will automatically expire. As long as your IP address doesn’t show any malicious behavior in the meantime, things should start working again eventually.

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Thanks for the info. I have a dedicated IP address, so I could ask my ISP if they can provide me a new IP address. I was hoping there was a way to submit my IP to Cloudflare to either check why it has a bad reputation or maybe even to clear it.

My IP address is not listed on Project Honeypot. So I’m confused as to why this has happened. I’m worried that there is some malicious software on any of my devices, so it would be great if Cloudflare could provide some info about why an IP address is has a bad listing

I ended getting a new IP address from my ISP, and I no longer have any problems. I suspect that the issue with Cloudflare came from a server I have running which had a proxy that was open to the world. I could see in the processes that the proxy service used a bit of CPU even though I wasn’t using it, so I just closed it. Not smart of me to have an open proxy running.

But I’d still like Cloudflare to be able to report why an IP address is marked as suspicious so it’s easier to do something about it.

Yeah, this would probably be why. There are services that constantly scan the Internet for open proxies. It is likely your proxy ended up on a public list and was used for malicious purposes.

I understand, but I think in this case not knowing the reason for the ban makes it harder for bad actors to avoid.

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