I have problems in sending and receiving emails

I have problems in sending and receiving emails. My email server is hosted on HostGator, and my nameservers are on Cloudflare. I think I have a problem configuring the DNS record.

can someone help me configure my DNS Records please?

Your MX record should be pointing to @, not mail (it will show as hbhgroup.co after you enter it in the dashboard) if your email is [email protected] and not [email protected], and likely you are using mail.hbhgroup.co in your mail client so that should be set to “DNS only” and not “proxied”.

Seems you fixed the mail record since your screenshot…

Also your TXT records should be entered without the quotes - quotes are just shown when you query the record so you have duplicate DKIM records - there should only be 1 per selector. Plus you have 2 _dmarc records, you should only have one.

Plus your A records point to Cloudflare IPs, who is your hosting with?


My emails are hosted by HostGator. ive already made some changes to the records but I am unable to find which dkim record is the correct one to keep.

You need to consult your email provider’s documentation. Only they can tell you what you need.

i already did that but didn’t get much help

No one else can answer that question.

That leaves you with three options:

  1. Persist in asking your host until they provide the answer
  2. Switch your email to a provider with better documentation
  3. Live with emails that may not get delivered.

I changed my nameserver from a Cloudflare account to another and now I’m facing many problems.
1- my website content is gone it’s blank now all the contents have been wiped up could changing the name servers be the problem?

2- I have issues receiving emails from certain domains. when they try to email me they get a hard-bounce email. "This message was created automatically by SMTP2GO.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to all of its recipients.
This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

550 <> 550 5.1.1 Address does not exist. rK5BKK4jWnNw :
previously hard-bounced and is currently blocked. If you think the recipient will no longer hard-bounce they can be unblocked from the 'Reports > Suppressions' page at app.smtp2go.com."

Did you copy all the DNS records over from the old to new account?

What is the domain?

my domain is @hbhgroup.co

and no I don’t think I copied them all in fact think I have added different records

Most of the records seem to be there. Whether they are correct or not you will need to work out from your hosting and email providers’ requirements.


(same user as here… https://community.cloudflare.com/t/i-have-problems-in-sending-and-receiving-emails/593096)

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