I have problem


hello everyone i need any one to help me plz
i do these things :
1- open account in cloudflair and add my website in then add nameserver to goddady
2- install plugin simple really ssl in wordpress
as u can see my website still show not secure plz hhhhhhheeeeeeelp meeeeeee
this my link url and this subdomain


plz help me


Status: Active
This website is active on Cloudflare.
this in cloudflair ssl is activted


Is your website supposed to do anything other than give strange 302 redirects and then say the website is temporarily unavailable?

Connecting direct to your origin provides redirects to things like curl -I --resolve alshikh-alrohane.com:your.origin.ip.address http://alshikh-alrohane.com

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Connection: close
Pragma: no-cache
cache-control: no-cache
Location: /SWmZZ/eKKXR/bfOVP/

That doesn’t seem like wordpress like behavior. If you :grey: the records in the DNS control panel does your site load?


can u help me


Did you try to bypass Cloudflare in your DNS page? Change the :orange: for your domain to :grey:. Let us know if that makes your site work.


i will try now and tell u what will happen


it is still not secure


I’m seeing the Cloudlfare SSL, but your website is saying:

This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

This means you still have your domain set to :orange:


how to send u my account info to help me i donot know how to do ?
or if u can help via team viewer plllz


On your DNS page. Click the :orange: so it looks like :grey:


i do it
it is still not secure


It’s not responding for me. Is it supposed to have two IP addresses?


what do u means have 2 ip address


and what i must do


It looks like you have two IP address “A” Type entries in the DNS page like mine above for your “alshikh-alrohane.com” entry. Plus whatever you have for the www entry.

You normally only have one A record for each hostname. Maybe one of them is the wrong address.


it is this what i must do


That kind of redirect smells like GoDaddy’s URL forwarding service. It’s kind of strange, and doesn’t support HTTPS. Mixing it with Cloudflare is probably not a good idea.


so what to do
can heplp me via team viewer

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