I have problem with receiving emails that attached with my domian

I can send mails from my emails that attached with my domain astrexgroup.com but I can’t send mails from my emails.

I also can’t connect the emails with third party email system like thunderbird.

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I would be surprised if they get delivered to the inbox of any major email providers with the SPF you are using right now. It only authorizes Cloudflare Email Routing to send email on behalf of your domain and Cloudflare Email Routing doe not provide any mechanism for sending outbound email.

Your MX records are configured for use with Cloudflare Email Routing which does not have any mailbox for your Thunderbird to connect to.

Cloudflare Email Routing is a simple forwarding service that requires an external mailbox provider. That email provider is where you will need check your email when you are using Cloudflare Email Routing. If that is not what you are expecting, you may want to disable Cloudflare Email Routing and point your MX records at your email server.

I disabled email routing and I have the same problem

I can see that you have disabled Cloudflare Email Routing, but I don’t see that you have added an MX records that points on your mailserver. Who is your domain email provider?


Does Namecheap provide any documentation on setting up the necessary DNS to use their email service?