I have problem with google search and Cloudflare

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What is the domain name?

Have you searched for an answer?

screenshot of the errors:

I can see you’ve typed /https://www.malaki.chat → the starting / might be misstyped? :thinking:

Regarding the “You are being redirected”, I saw it too in my Web browser. I am afraid this has to do something with Sucuri. Sounds like Google requests might be challenged or blocked for some temporary reason :thinking:

I wonder if any of Cloudflare security & protection settings like Bot Fight Mode or Browser Integrity Check challenged or blocked the request :thinking:

You should see any firewall events if you navigate to the Cloudflare dashboard → Security → Overview and lookup for Firewall events for the past 24hours or so. Once you find them, click on a particular one to find more details about it (user-agent, IP, HTTP version …).

Just to double-check, How does your security & protection options at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain look like?

For my case:

  • Security Level (works when on Medium, no issues)
  • I am under an attack mode (should be disabled and used only in such cases)
  • Bot Fight Mode (works with enabled, no issues)
  • Browser Integrity Check (works with enabled, no issues)
  • Custom Firewall Rules (works with them, even I don’t have cf.client.bot in them)
  • Managed WAF Rules (works with them)

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