I have problem performance get poor http (502) from product Cloudflare Tunnel

Hi, everybody in community

I have problem performance abount cloudflare tunnel product when my customers use website and got http 502 in 5.30-7.30 PM everyday

You can see http 502 immediately reject by cloudflare

My archetechture is kubernetes use cloudflare tunnels run in kube and set route with private ip

I set up cloudflare tunnel are running and have to 12 services

My website have google analytic in web and I can see dashboard of user concurrnet access

My problem is

  1. How to know cause of http 502?
  2. What wrong or week points in my archetecture to use with cloudflare tunnel technology (Scalingable)
  3. I need to known what is performance, number of concurrent users can request to my server via cloudflare tunnel (Benchmark or load test)
  4. Can I create or set up dashbaord to see performance or logging for analytic cloudflare tunnel and turning performance in the future (Monitering)