I have own ssl, how i need configure cloudflare ssl?

Hello everyone, before I started using cloudflare I had my website encrypted with the free ssl from namecheap for the purchase of a domain. But now I’m protecting my website with cloudflare and I don’t know how to configure the ssl to work optimally with the one I already have by default in my origin server

can anybody help me?

Assume that the free SSL is still valid in Namecheap, Set SSL encryption mode to Full (strict) should be just fine.

i have already in flexible, its good?

No, it’s bad. Use Full (strict) instead.

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and i have to paste some code on my origin server? or i dont need to do anything?

Yes. For now you can retain the existing configuration in the server.

Anyway, is your free SSL renews automatically? Or when does it expire?

i have autorenew but i can disable this option, my ssl from namecheap will finish in october

You can leave it auto renew. So you always have a valid cert in your server.

ok nice so my own namecheap ssl will be work only for my server origin right?

and i need to put in complete mode now in cloudflare?
i need to generate other certificate? and paste in my cpanel? u can give me steps?


No need, unless your server does not have certificate.

Full (strict) mode, yes.

so, i need only chosse full mode? and nothing more to do?

Full (strict), this one:


And you are good to go.

I only select the strict option and should the changes apply? how long do they take to apply?

Usually within a few seconds.

can you check if everything is good? i dont understand to much how worksd ssl/tsl, its posible some utility to check it?

If your website still working after enabling Full (strict) mode, and you can see a padlock beside your URL in the browser, then should be no issues.

Also, I would recommend to enable Always use HTTPS to redirect all traffic to HTTPS, and also enforce minimum TLS 1.2.

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Also try this:

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