I have not received emails from Email Routing for days

I have been a happy user of Email Routing for months.

But since the last emails received are from November 19. Just today a client told me that his email to my address was bounced. I have tried sending from other accounts of mine and, indeed, the emails do not arrive.

In the Email section of Cloudflare I see that everything is OK (Screenshot attached). I haven’t made any changes so far.

I have just changed the destination address, but the emails do not arrive there either.

DNS records are OK (screenshot attached).

What problem can there be here?

Thank you very much in advance for the help.

What does your “activity log” (in the Mail Routing screen, Overview tab) shows, specially after you search for your client’s address in the “Sender” field?

“No logs were found matching the selected filters”


Can you tell me the destination email address for that so I can try and have a look? If you do, please use a PM so as not expose it

I’ve disabled routing, including clearing MX records. I waited a few minutes, reactivated it and it worked.

In any case, I would like to know what happened so that it happens again.

Thank you all.

Glad to hear you were able to get it back to working.

Interesting workaround you applied, basically the old “power it off and then power it on again” :slight_smile:
Seriously, I might try that on an issue I’m currently experiencing and see if it helps.

I would also like to know what happened, if only to judge the likelihood of it happening to me too.

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