I have no idea what to do about it

So, here is the so-called answer to my problem (below) … But, it is not in plain English …
I have MailSniper … I set up an autoresponder series with links inside of each email …
These links, are to my GSuite PDF, Report, or image … I put the url’s of them behind the links
in my emails, and everything looks as it should …

When I do a test email (to myself), the links redirect to the GSuite item perfectly …
When I go into my clients gmail, the links don’t work, and come up with this error …

I don’t know why, and don’t know what to do about it …

Error 1001: DNS resolution error

Common causes

  • A web request was sent to a Cloudflare IP address for a non-existent Cloudflare domain.
  • An external domain that is not on using Cloudflare has a CNAME record to a domain active on Cloudflare
  • The target of the DNS CNAME record does not resolve.
  • A CNAME record in your Cloudflare DNS app requires resolution via a DNS provider that is currently offline.
  • Always Online is enabled for a (Custom Hostname SSL for SaaS domain).


A non-Cloudflare domain cannot CNAME to a Cloudflare domain unless the non-Cloudflare domain is added to a Cloudflare account.

Attempting to directly access DNS records used for [Cloudflare CNAME setups] also causes error 1001.

Disable [Always Online] if using [Custom Hostnames (SSL for SaaS)].

What would be the non-Cloudfare domain?

If you could provide the actual link you’re testing, we could offer some advice.

Here is my email … But remember, when I send this as a “test email” from inside of Mailsniper, the links work … When it is sent as an autoresponder email, it gets to its destination, but the links now pop up this error … Here is one of them:

To _____________ ,

This is Email #1 in the Communications Package …

Your 2 Sales tips are behind the 2 links here …
Have a great day!

Sales Tip 1

[Sales Tip 2]

To Your Success!

**Dave Smith

Side note that I just noticed …

here is an example of my link from my GSuite:

Something is changing it to add the track.imjusticemarketing.com link instead ???
Man, this just gets better and better … The 2 links are the Sales Tips …

As you’ve discovered, there’s a DNS issue.

What I see is track.imjusticemarketingCOM as a CNAME pointing to track.mailsniperIO. That mailsniper hostname is on Cloudflare, but Cloudflare isn’t letting other domains CNAME to track.mailsniper, as is standard policy, unless Mailsniper configures their Cloudflare account to accept that type of CNAME.

Mailsniper will have to fix this issue. Or you’ll have to stop using the track.imjusticemarketing hostname.

I’m not seeing a track.imjusticemarketing link in that PNG link.

Can someone please help me with this …
I use Mailsniper for emailing …
In an email, I have a link or two that when you click on them,
you are redirected to my GSuite where there are articles, reports, or Ebooks …
Each of course has their own URL …

I keep getting this error when a link is clicked on in an email, and I have no idea why …
Also, very peculiar … When inside of Mailsniper, and I send a “test” email, everything
works fine … I just don’t get it …

Error 1001

Ray ID: 5f27e5d5cfa7c86b • 2020-11-15 09:20:41 UTC

DNS resolution error

What happened?

You’ve requested a page on a website (track.imjusticemarketing.com) that is on the Cloudflare network. Cloudflare is currently unable to resolve your requested domain (track.imjusticemarketing.com). There are two potential causes of this:

  • Most likely: if the owner just signed up for Cloudflare it can take a few minutes for the website’s information to be distributed to our global network.
  • Less likely: something is wrong with this site’s configuration. Usually this happens when accounts have been signed up with a partner organization (e.g., a hosting provider) and the provider’s DNS fails.

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