I have no idea what I am doing

I have no idea what I am doing. I want to use my domain name on my home network as well as its host. So i can serve files to my website from home server. I do not want my files on hosts storage or cloud storage

I have no idea what i am doing but i know what I need this to do…,
Can use my domain name on my home network as well? I would like to host my own file to my web site as apposed to storing them with the host or the cloud. (I dont really want them in someone else’s hands except the paid members of my site.
Can any help with this. Files are also stored on a NAS if that helps.

If it’s registered TLD like .com, etc., you can.

Your ISP might not allow you to expose and open up the required ports directly on your home router/network, meaning you might not be able to achieve this so easy.

May I ask if it’s Synology or some other? :thinking:
It should have some apps and support to run web server as well, my best guess.
As far as I’m running on my Synology DS224+ which I recently purchased last week.
Nevertheless, it could depend a bit on your skills and knowledge to setup and run it.

Cloudflare also offers running a Tunnel, which I am using for other cases and apps, however I haven’t tried it yet but I hope I will try out this week with my NAS too so I could write back to your topic with more feedback.

In the meantime, patiently wait for more replies and feel free to write more information and anyone else could join and help you out, if so.

Furthermore, may I also ask what kind of type of files would you host? :thinking:

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