I have new my changed my google nameservers to Cloudlare but I am not receiving my emails

I have recently changed my nameservers and I have followed the tutorial to try and get my emails working but I am stuck. I cannot get it to work. Please could someone advise. Thanks.

Do you have any MX records on your domain? When you look up the domain at https://www.nslookup.io/ do you see the MX records pointing to your mail host and the NS records pointing to Cloudflare?

Also, make sure you set any mail-related records to DNS Only (grey cloud), otherwise you may run into issues.

Take a look at this: Email undeliverable when using Cloudflare – Cloudflare Help Center

Use this tool https://mxtoolbox.com/ and do a MX Lookup on your domain. If not found MX then you have to correct it. If found, do a test and it let you know what is the error.

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Thanks a lot to everyone. I have since managed to sort out the issue.


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