I have my own SSL from Comodo but not being able to use it. Need Guidance

Hi Everyone

My site is HTTPS protected but I think it is using Cloudflare SSL (Flexible) since sometime without our knowledge, We have our own SSL issued from Comodo and we want to use that. It is a WordPress site.

How can I switch without creating a lot of issues, we use Really Simple SSL plugin for this?


To upload your own certificate you need to upgrade to the business plan. ($200/month)

Since you have an active and valid certificate you can set your SSL from Flexible (hint: connection is not secure between Cloudflare and your server!) to “Full (Strict)” This will still show a CF certificate but the entire connection is secured.

Hi Mark

Thanks for replying.

I am not upgrading, just yet. Can you suggest/clarify one little thing and this should suffice.

I have hosting with Hostgator India (shared) and they definitely have all the latest tools and servers to communicate via SSL with Cloudflare.

I often see 502 errors and I am positive it has something to do with communication between Cloudflare and HG. Especially when I use (live search) Ajax to find something on site. “Should I use Full strict or Flexible way to communicate, what is ideal and why?” I currently used “flexible”.


The 502 is your server not letting Cloudflare connect. Usually something will show up in server or firewall logs.

If you have your own certificate on your server, you should try Full (Strict).

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