I have my own ssl and want to buy pro plan of cloudflare



I have a web site and want to buy the pro plan but i want to use my ssl (comodo ssl.) so it is possible to use my ssl when i get pro plan. If it is possible how i can adjust it?


AFAIK, only Business and Enterprise plans can have a custom SSL cert.


Same here. You can still use your cert on the origin server, but for the edge you have to either use a shared cert or just pay the $5 per month per site as I did for a named cert from cloudflare. No real disadvantage that I can see to the cloudflare certs - they won’t work on stone age browsers, but that’s not an issue for me.


The web site is on wordpress and woocommerce. If i get the pro plan i don’t want to pay any extra money. Btw i use comodo positive ssl. I am very undecided :/. Thanks…

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