I have lost the cloudflare password of my another account

I have lost the cloudflare password of my another account ,but now when I tried to forget password using email I;m nt able to do that ,as I’m not recieving emial from cloudflare



I have sent an email to support but still not get any revert from the Cloudflare

@kumarankush091, please do not open multiple support tickets, that slows down the reply for everyone else and you.

Most recently, I see a ticket from 29 minutes ago that had a reply 26 minutes ago indicating “If you cannot access the e-mail address associated with your account on Cloudflare or can’t discover which e-mail address it is, you would need to open a new user account with Cloudflare.” After that, add the domain to the new account, change the name servers at your registrar and you should be good to go.

I am working through about a dozen tickets from the last 10 hours and will merge what I can merge and close the others. I’ll leave a note here as to the surviving final ticket. But, the suggestion about “If you cannot access the e-mail address” is going to be the fastest way to resolve the issue if you cannot gain access to the other account.

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I have lost my password but now I’m not recieving my password reset email on my email account, Please help me as soon as possible.


I have send email from last 2/3 days but didn’t recieve any email from [email protected]

Anyone here please help me

You should have received an auto-reply from that support email. Make sure to check your spam folder. If you find that email, make sure you reply to it to let them know you still can’t get in. And post the ticket number from that automated reply here.

Your request (#2091734) has been updated. Reply to this email or click the link below:

to check this ticket i need to login cloudflare but I dont have password

There wouldn’t be anything else to check. That ticket will just be a log of the email messages your are sending and receiving for that issue. @cloonan is working through many such requests today and will probably check in with you soon.

I need to fix this one asap ,as I have lost to much of money because of my website is not up

I have access of that email ,still i’m not getting my recovery email on my emial account

I can create another account but my problem is there is my hosting on that account of cloudflare which will not point to another server

I’ve closed everything except 2091734, please keep the communication in that ticket and cc any other email addresses/accounts you want to be included on the ticket.

Cloudflare does not host your site, we merely point to in using the A record on your dns tab.

After you add the domain to whatever account you want to move it to, change the name servers at your registrar to the two assigned in the new account, edit/verify the value of the DNS A record called @/name of your domain to ensure it is the same as the IP address of your origin server.

I suspect any questions that come up have already been addressed in these posts, Search results for 'moving domain to account ' - Cloudflare Community, if not, reply on this thread and let us know if you hit any issues.

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what about my password reset issue?

Do you have access to that account’s email address?

The team can figure out where those emails are going/why you are not receiving them when they get to your ticket, but it will take a bit of time. You may want to verify they are not being flagged as spam or delayed for some other reason, I suspect it will be faster to simply move the domain to a new account, hence my suggestion.

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Yes I know its faster way but I need the record that is in my cloudflare account all the records, if you send the all records to my registered email id for now. ,it will help me

Yes i have access