I have lost access to the backend of my website


I have a big problem with my hotpelis.com site.

It happens that the URL through which I used to access the backend of the site, has stopped working a while ago and I have no idea how to access that URL again.

I am trying to find that URL with the help of Internet tools, but the privacy provided by Cloudflare prevents me from locating the URL of the hosting where the site is hosted.

Is it possible to find that URL?

Currently the site is down and as I do not have the URL to access the backend, I can not check if internally there is any change of nameservers or something similar.

Could you help me with this?

I appreciate if anyone can give me an idea on how to resolve this situation.

Thanks in advance.

What error do you receive, can you describe what “stopped working” means?

um, hows that? I don’t think that is the case, unless you have a firewall rule that is blocking your access to that url; I don’t see any such rules in your account) :person_shrugging:

I see a 522 on the site, is that the error you’re getting? Can you share the url you are trying to access? You may want to contact your hosting provider to check if they are seeing error in their logs.

Ok. I will try to explain everything in a better way.

My website had a backend access URL which was http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/login?redirect_url=http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx

One day several months ago, that URL stopped working, that is, it was no longer possible to connect to the backend of the website through that URL.

However, the website was still working without problems, but since 2 days ago, the website stopped working.

About a year ago, the website was down as it is now. At that time, I went to the backend of the site and there I found an announcement telling me that I had to modify the nameservers to make everything work correctly. At that time I made the necessary changes and there was no problem.

The problem now is that I can’t access the backend and I don’t know if the hosting company changed the URL.

Why I have no communication with the hosting? it is long to explain, but in summary I will say that the only person with whom I sporadically had some contact stopped responding many months ago.

For that reason there was no contact with them and the only existing one stopped responding several months ago.

So as you understand, I need to find the URL of the hosting where the web is hosted and in cloudflare I do not see it anywhere. Maybe I am not looking where I should look and that is why I am asking for a guide.

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I would start by looking at the DNS records for the domain.


@maxyman2012 that is a good suggestion, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/dns and look for the A record called hotpelis.com. The link format you shared looks like it contained two IP addresses, http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/login?redirect_url=http://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx. One of those IPs may be the IP of your origin server, I am guessing that only your hosting provider is going to be able to verify that assumption and tell you the value of the second IP/correct url. Sorry for the issues with this but it’s not something that cloudflare knows/has stored nor can really assist with.


Ok thanks.

I have already tried what you guys advise and it does not work.

I guess the company was shut down or something happened and the websites just disappeared.

Anyway thanks for the interest in helping.

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oh my, that is harsh. I guess your last backup is the only option (says the guy who at the moment is making a fresh backup copy of their sites).


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