I have just subscribed to images o cloudfare

Please could somebody direct me to a step-step process of linking my siteground account to my images Cloudflare storage Store, resize and deliver images section - as I am currently at 94 percent storage on siteground.

basic instructions would be greatly appreciated

Do Siteground have an integration for this? If so, they should be able to help you set it up.

If not then there is no way to ‘link’ your accounts.


Hi domjh I will contact them, I thought this was the whole point of storing the images on Cloudflare, to minimize the burden o the hosting company

You can host your images on Cloudflare, yes. I don’t think it works how you are thinking it will though. You would either need to upload your images in the dashboard or via the API and then use the URLs provided in your site. There is no way to offload the content from your host and have it all done automatically.


Set - well that is 5 dollars down the toilet great…

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