I have installed origin certificate to hosting but site showing invalid SSL

I have installed origin certificate to hosting but site showing invalid SSL.

How to resolve it?

Make sure the DNS entry is proxied. The browser will always consider it untrusted.

And verify that your encryption mode is Full Strict.

Yes, we have set full strict mode. But still have same issue.

And proxied?

Yes entry is proxied.



You still do not have a vald certificate on your server.

Verify your server configuration. You can also pause Cloudflare.

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How can valid certificate?

we install origin certificate on server. find SS.

That’s something for your host to clarify I am afraid, server administration is beyond the scope of the forum.

However, you have the certificate configured only for www, not the naked domain.

So shall we install certificate with WWW as well? instead of wildcard

You need the certificate on all applicable hostnames. Again, pause Cloudflare and make sure your site loads with the right certificate.

Let me check


I have paused cloudflare and installed origin certificate.


but website still getting down

It now loads fine via the proxies.

Let me set proxies

Still site is down

Not really → sitemeer.com/#https://myappointmento.com

Now site is live but while checking SSL, it showing 90 days.


Sure, How Cloudflare works · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

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