I have huge traffic site, need recommendation

Hello guys. i have site on wordpress witch has 30-40k traffic per day, which plan do you recommend?

Free plan. Really. It’s a great place to start, then you can start exploring any features that interest you on paid plans. Free plans really don’t have much in the way of traffic restrictions. Legitimate traffic is always welcome.

Thank you for your response, i tried to use free plan but after some hours of working i got error and after some hours trying to fix it i finally changed name servers back to host :frowning:

What error did you get? If it’s a 5xx error, a paid plan isn’t going to help.

Yep it was 5xx error, so i have problem with configuration?

Your host is probably blocking Cloudflare IP addresses due to the high traffic coming from Cloudflare’s block of addresses. When you bypass Cloudflare all your visitors have unique addresses, so your host doesn’t register that as a potential attack.

Your host would need to Whitelist Cloudflare’s IP addresses instead of blocking it as a potential attack.

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So as i guess, if i ask to whitelist Cloudflare IP address i will no have problem with 20-30K traffic per day?

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