I have good settings for Google bot?

Good day,
I need Google and other search like Yandex (Russia), Petal search (Singapore) … etc.

I can´t understand this setting:
Expression Preview:
(not ip.geoip.country in {“AT” “CZ” “DE” “HU” “PL” “RO” “SK” “CH” “GB” “US”} and not cf.client.bot)

Know Bots when is OFF or ON when is allowed?


Your expression means Cloudflare will perform the action (Managed Challenge) for any request that is not coming from one of the listed countries, and is not a Known Bot.

Googlebot and other search engines will not be challenged even if they send requests from countries not in your list.

Since search engines make use of global networks (the cloud) and you can never know where they will crawl your website from, this exclusion is necessary to avoid search engines from being challenged (blocked).

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I don´t need US visitors, so I can block USA too? Only hacking attempts coming from here…
Google I see in logs, he have IP starting with 66.xx.xx.xx.

The countries you block is up to you. Just keep in mind that Known Bots list does not include many social networks (Twitter, Facebook etc.) and blocking them may impact your visitors experience and your site SEO…

Thank you, then let there US. Last question: when I don´t need Germany customers, but the VPS is from there, that will be problem when delete Germany from this list?

If one of these two conditions are met:

  1. ALL of the Cloudflare IP addresses are accepted in your firewalls / ACL on the VPS, and always being kept up-to-date.

  2. You are using Cloudflare Tunnels to connect your site to Cloudflare.

Then you shouldn’t have any problems with removing Germany (or any other country, that you do not need traffic from) from that list.

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