I have git to mysite.pages.dev (works) how to I change my dns records so it will take apex and go to the content in my pages dev

Currently my cloudflare dns has proxy to current host (works great).
Want to have apex domain (biocrytics.com) point to my biocryptics.pages.dev content

In bulk redirects I added
biocryptics.pages.dev/ to https://biocryptics.com

doesn’t seem to do anything… maybe I need to change the a record but to what…
I’m on ada.ns.cloudflare.com

Any hints are much appreciated!

I’m not fully understanding which way around you want this so I’ll answer both

To add a custom domain to Pages, see - Custom domains · Cloudflare Pages docs
This will make example.com serve your Pages site

And if you want to redirect from your production pages.dev to your custom domain then see here - Redirecting *.pages.dev to a Custom Domain · Cloudflare Pages docs


Thank you very much! You saying the “which way around” part helped illuminate my issue. I had mixed both directions, It was the top one and the documentation is pristine. Thanks again!


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