I have followed all the procedures but

I have followed all the procedures but still my domain name is not activate on Cloudflare. so please any help me regarding this issue?

Seems to me like you are already using Cloudflare for your domain name.

May I ask have you lost access to the old Cloudflare account?

Or, rather you might be already using Cloudflare via some 3rd-party SaaS integrator like Bluehost, Shopify, Clickfunnels, eZoic, etc.?

Have you setup your domain and Cloudflare through ClickFunnels Saas (SSL) integration as Cloudflare Partner?

I believe the SaaS providers should be able to resolve this, if they can’t then it does have to go to Cloudflare Support but a specific plan is not required.

May I suggest below article related to any SaaS if so:

Furthermore, have you reached to your domain registrar and looked which nameservers are stated and used there?

Nevertheless, usually ther proper DNS propagation process time takes up to 24 hours to complete. Sometimes, it’s a bit longer or 48 or even 72 hours.

Thank you so much for your reply!!

Yes, I had created an account in Cloudflare through my personal email but at that time it didn’t allow me to add my domain name.

And then I created an account through my company email and I added my domain name and did all these things.

I have also checked my domain registrar and it has been more than 72 hours till now. how to solve this?

By checking WHOIS, I can only see one Cloudflare nameserver:

Can you manage your domain name at your domain registrar?
Have you removed mark and added addyson and phil under your domain nameservers?

Maybe your ccTLD registrar needs some more time than usual? :thinking:

Have you tried contacting your domain registrar about this issue?

Yes, I have added addyson and phil on my domain nameservers.

Now, I am going to contact with my domain registrar.

Thank you!! Once again.

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