I Have Face An Issue Regarding DNS Propagation

Four or Five Days ago I enabled Cloudflare and Used Cloudflare Name Server.

But after a long wait, some country is still showing me errors like this.

Please suggest me a easy and simple Solution :pensive:

That’s determined by your TLD’s root servers and the servers that are being tested from. Unless they’re not spec-compliant, they shouldn’t be cached for any longer than the TTL advertised at your TLD’s root servers.

If you updated the nameservers to be Cloudflare nameservers or anyone else’s, the process would be the same.

What’s the domain?


The Ireland resolver that is failing specifically ( is one that implements filtering. Search for that IP on here: Filters - DNS Content Filtering

Every other resolver finds it fine so I wouldn’t worry too much - but otherwise, you can contact ‘cleanbrowsing’ and ask them about it.

If I want to clear it myself, please suggest an article

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