I have error 502 on WP-Admin

Hello guys.

I’m Cloudflare user since years and never happend this to me before. First of all, i’m using Cloudflare on a website of mine. It was awesome until 1 week ago. As all webadmins i update plugins, mantenance, etc i mean all work wich almost all admis do on cms websites + Cloudflare.

Suddenly before 1 week i have this strange problem. When i try acess wp-admin it get me error 502 in fact this is only on wp-admin nowhere else on webpage, just wp-admin. If i try 40 times with 10 sec delay each it just let me in 1 time. Succes rate is 1:40 so i can go inside (dashboard). I’m more than 48h on this problem and i don’t know what to do. I have 10 years experience and i don’t have idea of waht is going on here. I tried all, literally all (disable theme, rename theme folder, rename plugin folder, clean cache cookeis,l console logs etc, all you can imagine i’ve probably done it), and the best part is EVEN if i put CF in develop mode it still give me 502 error code from CF. I’ve never see this before, really never.

Can someone help me or at least try to give an idea of what is going on? Btw i have never changed hosting company in 10 years so as you can imagine i’ve asked them and they still don’t know what is happening, that’s why i am here. Hosting and me don’t know what is going on.

Any help is welcome. Thanks for you time
Best Regards.,

Hello there,

Have you checked this #tutorial ?

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