I have erorr 1020

can u add my IP on whitelist?

or what i need to do??

There are some topics regarding error 1020. Have you tried checking them?:

Moreover, for an error 1020, may this one help you?:


yes. i read that by i have no things how to fix that

But, have you applied something from the these steps?
Is that error related to your domain/website or Cloudflare dashboard?

Have you blocked yourself from accessing your Website?
Have you found your requests/IP address/country/ASN number/User-agent at Firewall events at Cloudflare dashboard?

Is the 1020 error for your Website or someone else’s?
Maybe someone else is using Firewall rules to block specific things like users from specific countries, etc.

frankly speaking, i cant understand this words coz i dont speak english very well. can u help me with my problem and say it on basic english plz

What is the Website you are trying to access?

What language do you understand and talk to make it easier for you (hopefully)?


i speak on russian

Is play.esea.net your website?

no. its not my site

In that case:

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ok i understood. i wrote but they didnt ask me


In that case, @ivan.bespalov.2005, I think you are out of luck. Neither the Community nor Cloudflare Customer Support can do anything to alter the settings created by the site owner. It’s their site and they determine what traffic they allow or don’t allow, sorry for the issue but we cannot alter the results.

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this problem on all sites who use this defence

Apparently not, as this site that we’re on right now uses Cloudflare for protection.

But give Inspect an IP | Project Honey Pot a try with your home IP address and see if it shows up.


Maybe using a VPN connection (having an outgoing IP address with some other country) would give you the access to that or some other Website.

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