I have duplicate accounts on Cloudflare: how do I change nameservers on a managed domain through Cloudflare?

I have two accounts on Cloudflare. The older one is not being used but it’s managing some of my domains that I want to move to the new account and close down the old account.

The registrar for my domains is Cloudflare. Under DNS settings, I don’t see an option to change the nameservers assigned by Cloudflare to the new nameservers assigned by Cloudflare on my newer account.

Is there a way to move these domains?
Also, is there a way to merge the two accounts or can I close one account?

You’ll have to transfer the domains first to another registrar, then add them to the new Cloudflare account and switch nameservers. At that point they are with the new account and, if you’d like to, you can then transfer them back (after 60 days).

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do you mean I have to wait 60 days once it’s transferred out to an outside registrar before I can transfer back to the (new) Cloudflare account?

Correct, that applies to all ICANN governed eTLDs.

and I assume I have to pay new registration fees for the year with each transfer (out and in)?

If so, what are some of the most cost effective registrars you know of?

Correct again, most registries require a renewal with a transfer (an exception, for example, is Nominet).

As for registrars, I’d simply use the search engine for your choice for that.

thanks - one last question, could paying for the custom nameserver option through Cloudflare get me the same result?

Afraid, it won’t. The custom nameservers just allow you to use your own domain for the nameservers, but everything is still within the same account.

got it, thank you!

One thing to keep in mind, if you add the domain to the new account while it is proxied on the previous account, Cloudflare will import the proxy addresses and that won’t work.

You probably best export them on the previous account and then import them in the new account.

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