I have done all ssl setup, But It is showing Not secure invalid certificate

please see this screenshort.
Please help I’m feeling sad, Not even trying to sleep.

Are your nameservers Todd and Tina?

I cant resolve the domain at all. Can you Post a screenshot of the DNS tab? Blurr Out the IP addresses if you like.

The error on your sreenshot could be a cached DNS entry on your end.

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my website link http://technovamsi.ml

Looks like you currently have no DNS records. You should create some, you can get the instructions and IP address from your website host.

Hi @technicalvamsi, in addition to the feedback from @MarkMeyer and @Judge, you need to have your registrar remove the non-Cloudflare name servers. Here is what I’m seeing now:

$ dig ns link technovamsi.ml +short

All the ns?. name servers need to be removed and you should only have todd & tina from Cloudflare.


That’s weird. There were only Todd and Tina when i cheked the domain :thinking:

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Right now I only get the Cloudflare servers as well. So, currently, it would seem as if the domain is properly set up. Still no DNS records though.

@technicalvamsi -> Tutorials section here on the forum, “add DNS records”

Yes, the nameservers are correctly set. But your overall DNS records are nonetheless missing.

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