I have domain and hosting from different registrars How to apply cloudflare?

I have my domain Android city from our local registrar PKNIC and Hosting from Bluehost. Now I want to add Cloudflare but when I tried to change nameservers my site sot down after an hour and I tried to reload and wait for 5mins but after that, I changed nameservers again on Bluehost, and its working. Then let me know how to apply CDN on my website!

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We all do have at least one situation with one domain at registar while hosting at the other and using Cloudflare.

You would need to add a domain to Cloudflare first.
Secondly, change the nameservers for your domain at your registar.
Then you would make needed changes at Cloudflare dashboard like adding DNS records and pointing them to your hosting provider where your Website content ant other stuff are located.

Regarding you are saying Bluehost, have you seen their documentation and also here is more information:

Due to the fact of nameserver change, it can be up to 24 hours before changes are made.

You can also flush the DNS records (NS, A,C NAME …) via next links:

Can you rephrase meaning of “how to apply CDN on my website”?
Do you have static content and would like to host it on Cloudflare? Unfortunately this cannot work. In that case, you should use some CDN for hosting your content and files like Bunny.net CDN.

In case you wish Cloudflare to cache your static files from your origin, yes, this one is possible to setup in the Cloudflare dashboard.

Kindly, check out the links below:


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