I have custom DNS records, so do I just change the A records?

Cloudflare is telling me to remove the main nameservers for my domain, but I’m pretty sure those main name servers are taking care of all my Custom DNS:

  • CNAME - for an email campaign service (Campaing Monitor)
  • TXT - for DMARC
  • TXT - for DKIM
  • A - for www
  • A - for @

The A records point to our website, which is hosted at a different webhost.
That may seem strange, but the reason is because the boss doesn’t want to move our email, so we just moved the website to a new host because it was simply too slow on our original host. Therefore, I set up the two A records to point the domain name to the new website host.

If I do as Cloudserver is asking during the setup and just remove the main nameservers, I’m pretty sure all these Custom DNS records are going to be lost since I’m pretty sure they are all controlled by the main nameservers.

Should I just ignore Cloudflare’s request to remove the main nameservers and simply replace the A records with the 2 nameservers Cloudflare has provided?

That’s not how Cloudflare works.

You need to change NS at the registrar and copy the DNS records over to Cloudflare (before changing NS).

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Oh, yes, I see now that the first stage was importing my Custom DNS:

Verify that DNS records below are configured correctly. These records take effect in Cloudflare after you update your nameservers.

And my mail records are in there, so mail shouldn’t be effected.

Thank you!


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