I have completed the settings in accordance with many recommendations, but the site does not start

Hi. My site stubbornly does not display in the browser. The site  `pansionatmedik.ru` is the simplest, without a database, you just need a lock and to be displayed calmly. The status on the Cloudflare resource is active. The encryption mode is flex. There are rules for automatic redistribution from http to https and from www to https. DNS in the settings of my domain server and hoster nic.ru added. I've reviewed hundreds of megabytes. Please help me to solve the question already. Support nic.ru replies that the problem is on the cloudflare side.

The domain is responding just fine via Cloudflare over HTTPS - I’ve tested locally and worldwide:


If you’re still seeing an issue locally - try another device or connection to see if you can still replicate the issue.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, apparently it was necessary to wait 24 hours. Thanks again

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