I have CNAME records set but Dig and other DNS tools show no records

I recently transferred my domain out of Cloudflare so I could move it to a different Cloudflare account. Once I did that and added it to the different Cloudflare account none of my CNAME records work so I can’t reach my applications.

DIG, MX Toolbox and others all show no CNAME records but they are all set and proxied in Cloudflare. The domain is dripboards.com if that helps

Any ideas what is up?

Proxied :orange: CNAMEs are published as A and AAAA records. If you are specifically querying for CNAME records on those :orange: names, the results will return empty.

If you need your CNAME records to be published as CNAMEs, you need to set them to :grey: DNS Only.

Ah ok. Thank you. It seems then the issue is on my end then since nothing on that domain is resolving for me and I use Cloudflare Gateway as my home DNS. I’ll change my DNS and see if that fixes my issue.

Did you have DNSSEC active on your domain?

Porkbun did have DNSSEC active but I removed it this morning. I also changed my LAN DNS to use Quad9 and restarted my computer and now everything is resolving correctly.

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