I have checked on the Email Address Obfuscation but unfortunately its not taking effect

i have checked on the Email Address Obfuscation but unfortunately its not taking effect and my email its still visible in source code

On which URL?

clickforcleaners . co . uk

thanks for reply

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The address is properly redacted


You do have the email mentioned in HTML attributes as well, those won’t be redacted.

Assuming your IP address is X.X.X.185, you do seem to have an expired SSL certificate on your server, however, and an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare.

You should definitely fix both as your site would be insecure right now.

sorry im tyring to understan that the means its beign taking effect to stop bots to take my email address?
so what about visibility in source code cant robot take email from source code? because i can still see the my mailto and span clearly

Can you post a screenshot of the HTML code where that appears?

i have Lifetime SSL (Let’s Encrypt) in my server it can not be expired
one think i cache out my server and cloudflare to help email obfuscate work the issue you mentioned cant be because of cacging out?

There is no such thing I am afraid, every certificate expires and yours expired half a year ago.

You need to renew your certificate and fix your encryption mode. Right now you have no proper encryption.

That’s not HTML, that’s the composed document and the address is supposed to show up there. The HTML code does have the redacted version.

can you please help me to see where have you found SSL expired

That information is incorrect, a certificate expires. They probably mean they auto-renew it, which means something completely different.

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

im so confused mate :joy: and scratching my head like cartoon characters ha-ha

Can you post a screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls?

to be honest ive never done anything to this settings to be honest as well im new here and new to web designing ive got a screen shot if you can please look at this

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Precisely, that’s an insecure legacy mode and keeps your site without proper encryption. You should select Full Strict here for starters.

done and thanks

That’s good, you now have a secure setting, however Cloudflare now shows an error because of the expired certificate. You need to renew that. I assume it didn’t renew because of the proxies, however that’s something your host needs to fix. You can also get a Cloudflare Origin certificate.