I have changed nameserver as provided by clouflare but now I see nothing on my domain

I have changed the nameserver as provided by Clouflare but now I see nothing on my domain. Can you help me understand why it’s not working, if I don’t change nameserver according to Cloudflare then Cloudflare will not work correctly.

Did you set up your DNS entries in the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?

In the dashboard go to your domain and choose DNS. Make sure that your DNS records (A, CNAME, etc) are correctly set up to point to your hosting provider’s IP address or target. If your site was already set up and working with other DNS, the entries should be the same as they were at your previous DNS provider.

Also, check the SSL/TLS settings in the dashboard and make sure it is set to “Full (strict)”.

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@i40west Thanks for quick reply, in DNS record there is only one type A record available.
Please see the attached image for clear understanding.

The site is working for me. Did you manage to fix it?

@i40west I just changed this "[quote=“i40west, post:3, topic:496648”]
Also, check the SSL/TLS settings in the dashboard and make sure it is set to “Full (strict)”.

Perfect, looks like that got it working.

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Thanks @i40west, But I didn’t have any " DNS records (A, CNAME etc)" set up in Cloudflare dashboard, Is there can be a problem because of this in future? I can’t find these records in my hosting.

You have A records set up. CNAME records would be an alternative that some hosting providers would give you, but if they don’t, then you don’t need any.

One thing I do see: turn off the proxy (change :orange: to :grey:) on your records for ssh, mail, and ftp. Those things won’t work with the proxy.

Great, Turned off proxy for ssh, mail & FTP.
Anything else?

Nope, the site works and that was all I noticed.

@i40west Thanks a lot. :+1:

Hello, I have problem while I replace name server and point to Cloudflare my website showing nothing. my hosting provider also require domain name server added what should I do How can I add Cloudflare on my website. I have free plan.

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