I have changed my domain name


After changing the domain name I have absolutely no idea how to update it with Cloudflare. My site is not accessible at the moment. Any help is appreciated!



You’ll need to add the new domain and migrate all applicable settings from the previous domain manually.

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Since I am an absolute newbie, could you please specify, do I do it here on Cloudflare or on my site? I seriously am lost and cannot even access my site!



Can you post the two domain names? But generally yes, if you have your previous domain name on Cloudflare and want the new one to be there as well you’ll have to do this here on Cloudflare.



Right, where can I read about how to do it? my previous domain is yourholisticva.com and the new one is vitacreates.com



All right, your previous domain does point to Cloudflare, the new one not. What is of priority for you, to get the previous one back up and running or to configure the new one?



My only wish is ti get the new one running. I am not going to be using the old one at all anymore. thanks so much!



In that case you should first add the domain to Cloudflare. During that step Cloudflare will attempt to import your DNS settings and you need to check they are correct.

Once that is done Cloudflare will issue you with two nameservers (most likely the same as with your previous domain) which you need to assign to your domain at your registrar’s. Once that is done and your nameservers point to Cloudflare the site should be up and running, assuming the DNS settings are correct and everything has been uploaded and configured on your host’s side.

Currently, your new domain does not have any content though and simply redirects to your previous domain.



Ok thanks, my webhost told me that there is no content because it is not configured with cloudflare. I am thinking can I simply disable cloudflare? I need to access the page asap. How do I simply disable it?



I believe your host’s statement is incorrect. Your new domain redirects and your previous one has no content either except for what it currently displays.

But what do you want to disable? The new domain is not yet configured for Cloudflare.



Alright, I understand. The new domain is not configured on Cloudflare thats truth. So this is an issue I have to solve with my webhost. But they are simply useless…anyway thanks a lot for your help!



It most likely seems like it.

In that case I’d suggest to choose another host. It is not like there is a shortage of hosts :slight_smile:

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