I have been

I have been advised to stop using Cloudflare as it is not GDPR compliant. Instead I have been asked to use Myra Security, based in Germany. Can you advise why Myra Security is more GDPR compliant than Cloudflare?

  • if not, why I should refuse?

I’d seriously question the accuracy of the source, that is not at all correct.

Cloudflare is GDPR compliant and takes data privacy very seriously. It complies with a variety of worldwide data protection regulations, including GDPR. The comparison with Myra Security likely comes from their being based in Germany, which has strict data privacy laws. However, data protection compliance is not solely based on where a company is based, but on its practices and processes. If you are comfortable with Cloudflare’s service and data protection policies, there isn’t a solid reason to switch solely based on GDPR compliance.

For background

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Hey, thanks for getting back - that’s basically my position. Seems a really odd demand.

And Myra Security … ?

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