I have an SSL installed in my cpanel but I now need to add to cloudflare

I have renewed my SSL and installed on my servers cpanel so what do I do now to install on cloudflare?

Do you mean install your certificate on Cloudflare? You can’t install your own SSL certificate on the Cloudflare edge unless you have a Business or Enterprise plan…

If using Cloudflare’s Universal or Advanced SSL, Cloudflare will handle certificate issuance and renewal for the edge certificate automatically.

How do I get Cloudflare to recognize my new installed SSL

Is your site active on Cloudflare already? What is the site?

By “recognise” do you mean you are getting an error with Cloudflare enabled on your site?

My site rstskryne.ie I just renewed my SSL. Installed SSL correctly but SSL when checked says that its due for renewal in 32 days. When I temporarily disconnect Clouflare and check SSL then the new SSL is seen with renewal in 395 days

What do I do to have Cloudflare see my renewed SSL

When a site is proxied behind Cloudflare, users connect to Cloudflare. For most sites, that connection is secured using an SSL certificate obtained and renewed by Cloudflare. That certificate is valid for up to 90 days and is renewed around 30 days before expiry. This is the certificate you see that is valid for another 32 days.

Once connected, Cloudflare applies protections and any configured features to the user request, then Cloudflare passes the request to your server by making a separate connection that is secured by the SSL certificate on your origin server. Your origin server certificate won’t be seen publicly, only by Cloudflare.

See here for more information about how Cloudflare works…

You need to set your mail DNS record to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

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Thank you.

So I do not need to do anything in regards to SSL. Is this correct?

Also I have changed the CName email records to DNS only instead of proxy. Is this correct?

You need to keep renewing the SSL certificate on your origin server. If it expires you will get a Cloudflare 526 error.

Correct. Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/HTTPS traffic (unless using Cloudflare Spectrum) so any records for email, FTP, SSH and so on should be set to “DNS only”.

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Thank you. You have been very helpful. Thank you for your time.

I have just renewed my SSL on origin server so all good for another year

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