I have an address loop on my website that has started suddenly

In my server configuration I didn’t change anything, suddenly I have address loop, I don’t have any redirect rule, last thing we made was putting some TXT records for mail, we’re working for years without this problem.

I had SSL config Full and I changed now to Full (strict).

New problem appear but the loop stops: Invalid SSL certificate Error code 526

That’s a step in the right direction.

You can get a certificate from Cloudflare here, though you will still have to install it on the server:

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I need to know how to install in OVH

Asking three things:

Copy the content of your certificate (RSA only):
Copy the content of your private key (unencrypted):
Copy the content of your certificate chain:

After installing certificate in OVH the Error code [526] persists

Can you tell me your domain and also what DNS record you have configured for it (your IP address)?

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