I have an account two times unauthenticated

I have an account two times unauthenticated.
account: [email protected]

Please help me! Thank you!

I’m not clear what the problem is. Are you able to log into your account?

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Just a guess @sdayman

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Two-Factor Authentication code loss

Well, then read your thread from April again. Same solution.

It is impossible to solve the questions.

Sorry. We can’t help you either in this case.
In order to get 2FA disabled you need to answer the questions from the Trust & Safety Team.

Maybe you can demonstrate control over the domain by changing the nameservers back to your registrar. But thus is really something you need to discuss with them.

Or create a new account, hopefully with newly assigned nameservers and change them. You will probably lose all DNS settings but at least all Cloudflare settings.

Use Authy next time. It’s cloud based.

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