I have added my subdomain to Cloudflare and now it says 404 Page not found




Today I have open new Cloudflare account because I need SSL certificate. I have added main domain example.com and my subdomain e commerce store not connected to main domain at all (no links in between pages) ada.example.com

I have changed my Name servers on Goddady. And My host is Hostgator.

On my main domain it says that SSL is active but green bar is not showing and when I want to open my website in Mozilla it says that it is no safe and it won’t to show my website. In Chrome also it says in red bar not safe! In my domain I can acsses WP dashboard.

And for subdomain it says 404 error This page does not exist. And I can’t accses my WP dashboard.

So what happend?

Can some one help me? Is my subdomain completly erased?


I have opend my hostgator cpanel and in subdomains my ada.example.com is still there.

So why I see 404 after my SSL is activated on subdomain?


To explain little better how I added my subdomain to Cloudflare. And you can tell me if that was correct.

So I added my subdomain ada.example.com in Cloudflare DNS Records in this way:

Type: A
Name: ada.example.com
IPv4 address: 192.254.**.* (this is my main domain IP)
Automatic TTL

Is this correct or should I have added this way?

Name: ada.example.com
Domain Name: ada.example.com
Automatic TTL

I think that I have screw up something when I added subdomain to Cloudflare.

And one more thing before this 404 Page does not exist error I was in WP dashboard of my subdomain and there was message that SSL is now active and I can activated by clicking on link of Really simple SSL plugin to activate SSL on my site.

I have done that on my main domain also, example.com, and now it is showing red bar on Chrome browser saying not safe but the SSL certificate is active according to Really simple SSL plugin.

So please can you help to to solve this?

Or do I need to change back my Nameservers to hostgator.

Because I really want this to work and not to pay hostgator extra money so they can install SSL certificate for me.Thieves!

One more question.

Do I need to submit my domain and subdomain to Google search console again and verify my ownership and upload new XML sitemaps to Google search console for domain and subdomain again after verification?


If you are managing DNS for the main domain with Cloudflare, you will want to manage the subdomain there as well. You should be able to add it as an A record and point it to the other server (regardless of where the TLD is hosted).


Please can you explain me little better, I’m not tech savy :). Step by step.
I’m on shared hosting on hostgator, Hatchling plan.

Where to find other server , in my cPanel or…?

I know that this questions sounds stupid but I have no one to ask.


Sorry, it looks like our responses crossed each other, so I hadn’t seen your last reply. I see that you have now configured the subdomain within Cloudflare and everything looks like it’s working as expected. Are you still experiencing an issue?


Yes when I clikck on my subdomain url it says 404 Page not found.
You can try by your self also.


Are we still talking about the same subdomain?



Yes we are.

One moment I will try to erase my history and cache.


I have cleared my history and cache and still when I type my subdomain address it gives me 404 Page not found. Chrome browser.

But you can see my subdomain site?


It’s working for me in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Have you tried other browsers?


Firefox also no working for me. I need to try in IE


Opera works, Safari no!

What now?


I have manage to sign in WP dashboard subdomain through Opera and it says this:

Dear Lord :frowning: what now?!


Unfortunately this is probably going to require some deeper investigation. Can you submit a ticket to supportATcloudflareDOTcom with your details?


Thank you. I will contact them.


i think the subdomain ip is different then main domain so you have to point these ip in CF setting.


Name: worldofbricktoys.gothealternativeway.com1
Domain Name: worldofbricktoys.gothealternativeway.com1
Automatic TTL

you have to add this way so cname setting is for subdomain like www is also subdomain.


No IP is the same as domain. Where would I get another IP if in my cPanel DNS Advanced Zone says that IP is the same as main domain and subdomain starts with Type A.

Anyway the Cloudflare has manage to destroy my whole subdomain to the point where it was crushed to pieces! With no way to get it back and it was ecommerce site.

The whole story goes like this:

I have opend new Cloudflare account so I can ad free SSL certificate to my main domain example.com and subdomain worldofbricktoys.example.com .

I have followed steps and changed my Name servers at Godaddy. My host is Hostgator.

I have added my subdomain to Cloudflare in this way:

Type A
Record name: worldofbricktoys.example.com
Value: 192.254.xxx.xx (my main domain IP)
Cloud is orange color.

Also I have added in Page Rules

Always use https

Always use https

My main domain example.com works fine for others and my subdomain worldofbricktoys.example.com works fine for others but for me it is problem.

I use Android 5.1 tablet ( no 3G just home wifi) and two PCs one Linux Ubuntu and one Windows 7. On every device on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE my both domains are not working right. And that is just for me.

I see my main domain example.com but in Chrome, IE, Firefox there is red bar not safe and other people see it normal green bar with lock.

I don’t see my subdomain worldofbricktoys.example.com at all. I get 404 page not found error with Hostgator display.

I have contacted Hostgator Tech Suport and they see my subdomain worldofbricktoys.example.com normal with green bar lock. And they looked at cPanel and everything is OK.

They also tell me to try to see my subdomain in kproxy and there I see it normal with green bar lock and I can log into my WP dashboard. So through kproxy I can manage my subdomain just fine WP dashboard login works but in Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera NO!
I get 404 Page not found error. And that is just on my side. Everybody else see my sites just fine.

I forgot to say that I have cleared cache/history more then 10 times. In Chrome and with CCleaner.

I have run Chrome Tools scanning for malware and everything is OK.

I have sign out of Chrome I try to cache my subdomain but 404 Page not found error is still there.

I have reinstalled Chrome on Android tablet but no luck. Again 404 Page not found error on subdomain.

So I have discovered what is giving me this “404 Page not found error This page odes not exist” . It is plugin Really simple SSL and activated SSL certificate.

If I deactivate this plugin my subdomain is ok for me, I can log into WP dashboard and so on but normally there is no green bar and I don’t have SSL certificate active on my subdomain.

If I activate plugin Really simple SSL and activate SSL then I get 404 “Page not found error This page odes not exist”.

And I have tried different plugin WP Force SSL but the story is the same, 404 Page not found error just for me while the plugin is activated with activated Cloudflare SSL certificate.

I want to correct myself when I deactivate Really simple SSL plugin I see my subdomain normal, no 404 error but I can’t login to my WP dashboard.

When I try it gives me 404 error if I type worldofbricktoys.exaple.com/wp-admin

I have cleared the cache and now I can login to my WP dashboard login when Really simple SSL plugin is deactivated.

So to update you:

Yesterday I was able to login to my subdomain WP dashboard. But today no. I have contacted Hostgator tech support and they also could not login to my subdomain WP dashboard at all. Even after disconnecting external plugins. So they ask me to remove my subdomain from Cloudflare and I did it. After that they did get DNS error and my subdomain went to drain. So I have erased my subdomain from cPanel and I make new subdomain.

I will add just theme and yoast plugin and try to add it on Cloudflare again to see nif thjis is going to happend again.

And to close this jurney with Cloudflare, here how it went in the end. So I tried to install new subdomain in my cPanel,when my Nameservers were still Cloudflare’s and I did it, BUT! I could not login to my WP subdomain dashboard. It would not open that site, just blank site, nothing. So I tried in Firefox also nothing.

Then I said to my self, life is to short for this and my nerves are to precious for this crap of service. After 4 days still no answer from Cloudflare support and I have open ticket.

So I change back my Nameservers to Hostgator and the life is moving on. I need to make new subdomain from scratch thanks to Cloudflare.

And how to use subdomain on Cloudflare, very “simple” you just need to purchase SSL certificate by your self then the host or you need to upload it to server and then you can use subdomain on Cloudflare with no worries. This I have discovered after Tech Suport from my host tried to save my subdomain. But since Cloudflare did not make their service thru the end, meaning it is not working on subdomains like on main domains and I could not make my new subdomain work while I had Cloudflare’s Nameservers. So I changed my Nameservers back to my hosts.

So to conclude don’t put your subdomain on Cloudflare it is not worth the nerves, time and your effort.

This is my story and it was 4 days long the problems with Cloudflare.

And the Cloudflare support did nothing to help me!