I have added my new domain on cloudflare to setup ssl and cdn but its not working now

I have added my new domain on Cloudflare to setup SSL and CDN but it’s not working now. Can anyone please tell me what can be the reason? For your knowledge, I am not new. I already registered for more than 50 domains. But this is doing someone strange behavior. I have updated the NS record in the registrar. Is there any problem? Please help me, my client is angry with me. He thing I am not fit for this job but I am totally helpless. I have done everything in registrar, in wp and setup in Cloudflare dashboard, etc…

Here is my domain: https://valuesdiary.com/

Would you share us your DNS Setup?
You can/should censor the IPs

I do not find any A or AAAA record for this domain which is strange.
But NameServers are pointing to CloudFlare.

Can you confirm you have set up at least an A-Record for the naked domain (valuesdiary.com)

Please provide some more infos: how long is the domain (its nameserver) moved to CloudFlare?

Have you already red Community Tip - Fixing the DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN error ?

Have you created the (and not deleted) the rootdomain DNS entry?

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How to setup A record? why its manual. Before it was automatically added. Can you please tell me how to add A and AAAA record?

Yes ofc no problem. Please navigate to your CloudFlare Dashboard and then into the DNS section.

Then click on the blue button “+ Add record

Fill it like this:

Type Name IPv4
A @

replace with your real IPv4 you want the record to point.
@ = “at-sign” resolves to rootdomain.

Please provide a screenshot of the “DNS-Section” for this domain so we can help you better. Just censor the IPs if you want

Thank you so much but how to find ipv4 of any website. its my client site and I don’t know the IP?

Without an A-Record (or AAAA-Record) which is pointing to the correct IP (Server-IP) no Website is working.

Where is the Website hosted? On which server?

siteground is hosting and namecheap is registrar. i have registrar access but not hosting

so i need to add A record or AAAA? I am confused

This is not important anymore as you now manage your site through CloudFlare (which is much better!)

This is the company. We need the Server IP. Go ask your provider/client or whoever … but someone have to provide an Server IP to you.
It should be:
IPv4 (A)

Also: is the Website already set up? If not, how will you do that without Server/Hosting-Access?

Correct. Without A or AAAA record it will not work! It have to point to the correct Server and the Server have to be set up correct so it accepts this domain.

No do not use any IP-finder tool. Like I said: Go and ask the hosting-guy which IP you need.

I found two ip address via online ip finder tool. can you please check may be these are the website ipv4 and ipv6 address but which one is ipv4 and which one is ipv6?


I have registrar access only and wordpress. Not hosting… I think i dont need hosting to setup free cloudflare account. Am i right?

If you have wordpress access you should be able to find the right IP, if the page is not already behind CloudFlare. But the IPs you provided are from CloudFlare and are not your Server-IPs.

Haha thats confusing me now.

o yes you are right. but this is first time i am entering manually A record. previous experience was very good. everything was automatic.

No Problem…
Your IP seems to be:

Try it and report back :wink:

Here at CloudFlare IT-Guys are magicians that can fortune telling unknown IPs

wordpress is down now. because of misconfiguration

Dont forget to report back, if that IP worked. But it should, I have tested it with manual mapping.
Please also turn on the orange cloud :orange: for the A-Record

Is this your Website:


yes i did it but its giving too many redirect error. even i have cleared my browser cookies. you can check yourself too.clear

Open the console and see what it does and what error?
Redirect from where to where?

Also: screenshot the DNS section in your Dashboard and provide it here.

Also answer these questions:

  1. do you have an SSL Certificate installed on the origin server?
  2. what are your SSL Settings in CloudFlare Dashboard?

here is DNS dashboard snap.

Yes its already ssl by server and find attached snap of ssl setting

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