I have added 3 domains to Cloudflare but one is not working

I have recently added 3 domains to Cloudflare. For 2 of the domains everything worked perfectly and almost instantly. However for one domain (which is showing as active on Cludflare) my website is not showing. It may be a propagation delay but I just need to make sure. The domain in question is LOUTH.NET - thanks

Works for me:

Hi Martin - thanks for your reply. Maybe I did not explain my issue correctly - there IS a website there and it was fine until I changed my name servers to Cloudflare. I carried out the same steps with all 3 of my domains and 2 are fine and the this one is like there are no website files are there. There has been no changes to anything on my server.

The Server is responing that what I was showing you.
So there is not problem with CloudFlare. You have to search the problem within your server as this is a legit response. Maybe you have niot mapped your domain yet to a vhost, or maybe to the wrong one?

Thanks again - all 3 of my websites are similar and on the same hosting space. I will check with the hosting technical support. Thanks very much for your assistance.

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I have added 3 of my domains to Cloudflare. All 3 emails are ok but one website does not show any more. All three websites are hosted on the same server. The A records in Cloudflare are correct in all 3 cases. My hosting techies are saying that something at Cloudflare is blocking the hosting IP address. I don’t want to change my nameservers back again as I will lose the ssl service. Any ideas?

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The tech’s assertion sounds pretty unlikely but without a domain name and or error message there really isn’t a specific recommendation one can make.

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Hi Oliver

The website and email were working perfectly on all my sites. I added the 3 sites to cloudflare using the same settings. 2 of my websites are still showing up but the third one just shows the godaddy “new site” logo. The email still works ok it’s just the website that does not show. Domain is LOUTH.NET



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Hi @james42,

This #CommunityTip should help, it addresses the exact issue you are having:


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