I have actived "Minify CSS, JS, HTML" but still elements not minified in GTMetrix



Check this GTMetrix : https://gtmetrix.com/reports/gevcen.be/zFk3LwAa
You’ll see that I have still elements not minified altough I’ve activated the setting in Cloudflare.
How can I fix this?



Minify scores are A. What is wrong with them?


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I know it scores A but there are still elements inside that are not minified. I wonder how I could minify those pending elements?


And check also in “YSlow”
you’ll see that “Minify Javascript and CSS” that there are 3 elements unminified, and it does not score A


They are inline JS and CSS (inside HTML). You can use a plugin like Autoptimize for that. Consider clearing cache before doing new tests.


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