I have a wildcard SSL from my host AND one here on cloudflare

Hi, I am unsure of what to do to avoid lost traffic by messing up my SSL. I have a paid for wildcard SSL on my host, siteground, expiring in July. I also have a SSL certificate for the same site here on cloudflare. My host says it is best to keep the one with cloudflare. Yet, SEO audits warn that my SSL is expiring soon, and I think they mean the one that I have with siteground since it is expiring in July. If I just let it expire, will my cloudflare SSL keep my certificate working so that I won’t have the dreaded SSL expired warning experience?

Please help if willing. I am not a technical person, just a small business owner with a website.

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With that statement I’d look for another host. You do need the certificate on your server too, so renew that before it expires and keep it renewed.

Also, use the search here - if you want more details - as the certificate topic comes up several times a day :wink:

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