I have a website

i bought domain from godaddy and chanse ns to cloudflare ns and now i want to assign GCP Ip address to domain but when i change A name CNAME in cloudflare registrey it broke the website. how can i fix this issue . plzz help.

I have a website kapso.in and i want to migrated it to a docker based wordpress setup which running on Google cloud console. i completed all steps successfully but i’m not able to assign to domain (kapso.in)

Pause Cloudflare and make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS. If it doesn’t contact your host.

Once it loads fine it will also work on Cloudflare.

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kapso.in and it hosted on bigrock i just want to assign thi domain name to new google cloud console based wordpress. and i change A Name to the VM Ip address but it show that host error

As mentioned, paused Cloudflare and verify that your site loads fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare.

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